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The Fun Of Scooter Sidecars
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The Fun Of Scooter Sidecars

August 25, 2009 by scootersidecar

Many people enjoy riding scooters and mopeds. You see them in big cities, and small rural areas. Mostly used for local transportation and short travel inside communities. But, as you can probably imagine, this transportation is primarily for individuals. But less people know that their is a great product available for individuals that want to share the fun of scooters with family and friends.

The fun with scooters can be shared using sidecars. There are scooter sidecars available for owners that want to share their love for cruising on scooters. Why enjoy the ride alone. Sure, you can probably put someone on the back of your scooter and ride around town, but this is just giving someone a lift. With the scooter sidecar, your company can enjoy conversation and laughs together with you.

Imagine having some alone time with a child. The scooter sidecar is great for rides with a child. You are going to just smile from ear to ear watching how excited your child is riding in the sidecar right next to you. You are going to have time for your passion of scooters and create a bond with your child.

If you don’t have a child yet, take a moment to imagine how much fun it would be with your spouse or a new relationship. This is a great impression. Your relationship will blossom and these memories will never be forgotten.

You can probably figure from my writing that I am just obsessed with the scooter sidecar. It is something I could not live without today. Whether you have a moped, scooter or motorcycle, you should really consider owning a sidecar to share your passion for riding.

This is just a small sample of the fun you can have with scooter sidecars.

Like this:

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Scooters Oakland

2003-06-02 16:31:41 by travvveler

Maybe you have seen the little gas and electric powered scooters in the streets around Oaktown. There has been a LOT of e-mailing about them as a "problem". (noise, safety, pollution ??)
I know the Segway was banned from the sidewalks of San Francisco. Is Oakland next?
Anyways, there appears to be a public meeting or "press conference" about them tomorrow:
"Subject: Scooter Press Conference - Tomorrow - 10 AM
At City Hall. Councilmember Nadel's office has been working with the OPD Traffic Division to try to solve the problems created by scooters. Your input is welcome and appreciated

The scooter rant...

2003-01-09 07:14:54 by Scope

I never could figure out why scooters haven't taken off in the States. I mean, in almost any other country, scooters are *everywhere* in the cities. Asian countries, they're like swarming mosquitoes. Paris...Rome...they're like all over the place.
Lately, I've seen an unusual presence of them around here. Strangely enough...it seems that well-dressed grown men are driving them around more. I can't figure it out. It's as if there's been an influx of Italian restaurant owners, bringing their Italian scooters. Dark wavy hair...white shirt...you get the image.
I think it's great

Woman Killed In Mobility Scooter Collision With Bus In Bristol  — Huffington Post UK
The accident comes just weeks after the launch of a mobility scooter safety training scheme in Bristol.

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  • Avatar Nowhere Man In California, do you need a drivers license to drive a gas scooter on public roads and state roads?
    Jul 12, 2011 by Nowhere Man | Posted in Motorcycles

    I'm considering getting a Vespa Scooter. Would I need a motorcycle license or could I just continue using my regular license?

    • To drive a two-wheeled Vespa you are legally required to have a M1 motorcycle license or endorsement on your other license.

      If you equip your Vespa with a sidecar you can ride with just your regular Class-C a … AKA a MOtorized PEDal bicycle) requires a M2 license.
      Jim4wild -- California not have a 50cc limit on any vehicle. All street legal motorized two-tandem-wheel vehicles require either a M1 or an M2 drivers' license.